A & L Electrical Contractors

The Safety, Health Welfare at Work regulation 2001 Statutory Instrument number 188 2001 states that : "Every portable appliance must be tested once a year The results must be held for 5 years ..." The results must also be made available for inspection by inspectors of the HSA.

For a detailed document on PAT testing and the requirements, click here: Pat Testing Explained Portable Electrical Appliance means electrical equipment that can or could be moved from place to place e.g. office machinery (computers, copiers, fax machines), kettles, extension leads etc, usually having a lead with a plug attached WKS Ltd are fully qualified to provide the full range of PAT testing and ancillary services to companies requiring certified PAT testing. We have a full range of the necessary Test Equipment and will issue a Certificate of Compliance and a signed test sheet for your records.

The PAT testing procedure will consist of the following elements where required. Preliminary Visual Inspection Earth Bond Testing Insulation Testing Flash Testing Load Test Earth Leakage Measurement Functional Check.

We carry out pat testing inspections, and certify each device as safe to use, once it has passed our testing procedure.